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I want to present my game called "What's that?". I developed it using Android Studio.

Download from here:


Youtube video gameplay:






It contains Google Play leadboards so you can compare your score with your friends.

It is an easy game in which u have to use your head and guess the names of 50 objects - things, animals or activities.

Use your imagination and on the basis of a few strokes deduce what may be in the drawing.

Open your mind because it will allow you to put together lines, dots and bows into one. When you are sure of what the drawing represents, enter the name using the letters at the bottom. If you have doubts or can not guess, use the tips. So to the work, wake up your mind, duck your mind in the missing elements and solve the mystery. Let the imagination be with you!


* 50 different puzzles

* An amazing quiz that stimulates the imagination

* Different degrees of puzzle difficulty in the quiz


It is FREE!


I am waiting for your comments :) .


Please, give me feedback. If you notice any bugs please tell me :) .


Thanks !

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