[Rev Share] NE Studios Looking For an Animator, programmer, and artist

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Hi all!

We're a team of 7 lovely people from around the world, with a couple games in development currently, the first one, Atlas Sentry, being very close to launch, and our second title, Rat n Gat is also far into development, we decided to expand upon our original concept because we feel it has a lot more potential, Rat n Gat is a big scope RTS arena multiplayer game. 

So with a more ambitious concept, we need additional members, mainly a 3d Character artist / Environment Artist, Animator, and a programmer. 

We need a character artist to, of course, model and texture characters, as well as additional skins, and bonus content like hats, weapon skins etc., and we have a lot of environments to create as well.

What we expect from team members:

General requirements for all spots:

- highly motivated

- have experience with working on a team

- Able to hand paint textures
- Able to match our art style
- Experience with digital sculpting a +
- If you can rig and animate that is a huge ++++++

- Able to create facial rigs with a good range of expressions, but doesn't have to be too complex
- Experience with Unity Mecanim is a big plus


Entry level Programmer+

- c# experience

- HLSL experience is a big plus


please contact me on skype: nicholas.boucher4


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