Marketing & PR Specialist (mobile)

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Our team is looking for an individual, who would be tasked with handling any marketing & PR-related matters in order to estabilish and expand our userbase. 
The game itself is approximately 90% done - 3rd party services and monetization mechanics are yet to be implemented before the publishing.

Preferred qualifications:
- Multiple successfully promoted products
- Android monetization experience (which services should we use to generate the most revenue?)
- Ability to work with a very limited advertising budget
- Passion & Dedication

Our game is a 2D bullethell game primarily targeted for an Android platform. 
User controls the planet Earth and has to avoid endless amounts of obstacles launched in his direction, delaying the inevitable for as long as possible. Collected in-game currency can be used to purchase upgrades and different planets.
We are also looking forward to hearing any development-related advice - since we are a 2-person team (and a contracted composer), we might have overlooked certain things. Ideally, you would be a full member of the team for our current project and any more to come.

You will be compensated for your work with a certain percentage of the total game revenue.


To Apply: send an application to


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