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More than an island colonisation god/RTS video game

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¡ Aloha !


A project ? 2 actually ! The main one is a real time simulation/strategy 2D game coded in C/C++/SDL where for the moment you control settlers on an island. The other project is a text based browser game and its features will be ported.


  • Have fun : Experiment, wild my creativity…
  • Rapid prototyping : Gameplay first (Graphics credit : openclipart)
  • Satisfy my needs as a player and make others happy
  • Contribute to an open source game like Unknown Horizons or launch my own


  • Hybrid gameplay : Automatic (God game) or manual (RTS) actions
  • RPG-like attributes : HP, sex…
  • Survival elements : Gather or fish renewable resources to eat and drink or… die !!
  • Basic interaction : Minimal interface and keyboard shortcuts
  • Rudimentary engine : Tile-based, path finding and super ultra turbo procedural generation
  • Multilingual : English and French


In the first one, on Day 3, the camp has some water but no food yet. There's an explorer, 2 gatherers and one fishman. On Day 1314 the remaining settlers are fishing and gathering from spots that aren't depleted.


  • Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay
  • GUI improvements
  • Bigger maps
  • Scrolling and zooming
  • … Plenty of cool and interesting stuff !!


  • Series : Anno, The Settlers, City Building (Caesar, Pharaoh & Zeus) and Age of Empires
  • Classics : SimCity, Civilization… and Populous of course !!
  • Robinsonades

Day 3.png

Day 1314.png

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  • Scrolling
  • 3 map sizes
  • Zooming : 9 levels from 8 to 128 pixels (Tile size)
  • Resolution independent

Game design

  • Engine improved to serve the new gameplay
  • Questions raised : Turn-based or real time ? Classic gameplay or hybrid ? …
  • Other environments like a desert
  • Colonisation and… Exploration


Oasis sketch


  • Better water tile
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • The procedural generation will be traded for a level editor


Medium island in 1280*1024, zoom 5 and view centered on the camp


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