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3D Auto rigging algorithm for cubical-voxels models

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Hi everyone, thank you for your attention.

I'm making a 3D model editor based on voxel, to create models which looks like cubeworld ones (see https://i.stack.imgur.com/y5SWz.jpg)

I've implemented a skeleton-key frames animation system. (My model has a mesh of vertices, and each vertices has a list of bones and weights, to determine how much a bone transformation affects the final vertex transformation)

**And now, I'm looking for an algorithm to generate vertex bones weights automatically. I have each vertex position and bone position/rotation/size relatively to the model referential.**

(Blender does implement this functionality https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/782/how-can-i-automatically-generate-vertex-groups-for-an-armature )

PS: Google searching "auto rigging algorithm" actually gives some essays, but as I'm using voxel (as raw cubes), I would be glad to find something more specific/optimized/good looking

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