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Properly texture mapping a triangle (strip) - is there a reasonably simple solution?

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I'm encountering a version of the problem described here and I'm at the limit of available tessellation (at least on my laptop). I've tried snooping around for ideas, but I can't really find anything substantive. One would humbly think there would be a reasonably accessible means to correct for such distortion in 2017, short of rewriting the entire rendering pipeline.

In my case I'm texture mapping a tessellated ribbon and the jagged texture becomes painfully obvious in steeper curves.




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Thanks! Indeed, I'm generating everything procedurally, so I need a one glove fits all approach. I'll have a go at texturing it projectively.

PS - isn't quad rendering effectively deprecated and resolve to drawing triangles by the driver? I was under the impression there was no separate code path.

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