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Looking for Unity Developer for Zombie Survival Game

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 Looking For: Lead Unity Developer
 Company: SymmetryGames LLC
 About This Position: SymmetryGames LLC is currently looking for a highly experienced Unity programmer to work with our company on our project Z-Warz. This person should have multiple years of experience working as a Unity programmer as well as the skills to manage other Unity developers working as a team.
 About Z-Warz: Z-Warz is a simple 3D zombie survival web MMO (Simple MMO like Agar.io). SymmetryGames began development of Z-Warz in early April 2017. Currently, we are developing a prototype of the game in Unity. The prototype is about 70% complete. We are looking for an experienced developer to work on the full Z-Warz project.
 Payment:  Aside from post-release royalties (3-4%), this person will receive payment from funding acquired from our Kickstarter.
 Contact: Please email us at business@symmetrygames.net for more information. Thank you for your time, - Jack
◉ For images/concept art from Z-Warz, please feel free to explore our social media:◉
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