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Hey there! I've been a hobby game developer for at least 10 years, presently seeking to transcend hobby status. But the friends are either busy with school or using tech that I don't care for, so here we are! Figure I'll stick my neck out and see what bites before striking out on my own.

Languages of choice are Python, Angelscript, C++. Willing to learn others. My animation skills are weak but good enough for prototyping. Intrigued by AI but I'm no expert.
Have touched many engines, but my favorites are Godot and Urho3D. Willing to pick up almost anything that's FOSS with a stable Linux SDK.

I want an ambitious project, something to potentially pay a living wage. Deferred is fine but I'm very cautious about "equal split rev share". Would much prefer if everyone logs their time.
It should also be something I want to play, which completely rules out mobile games. All-time favorites are: HOMM3, Mount&Blade, Delta Force, Morrowind, Tremulous. Also a casual D&D player. Got some VR hardware as well.

More than anything I wish to find a fellow no-lifer that isn't always making the "busy" excuse. Someone who's got a bit of experience yet always looks to improve. And preferably already has a design doc. Although that's probably asking too much...

Previous games
Countless minesweeper clones, game jams, prototypes... mostly 3D with some network multiplayer here and there.

Trained for CCNA, everything else is self-taught.

Work history
5 years as a tech support slave, 2 as a sys admin with oddball coding projects, dropped to PT contractor so I can have more time.

Easily the best part. No kids, no life. I can work around *your* schedule. Although I'm very much a morning person. Time zone is UTC -6.

Haven't bothered setting up a portfolio, but I'll send something ad-hoc to anyone that asks. Should probably make one and post it here...
EDIT: Slapped together a portfolio of sorts. 10 games, everything included was done solo (minus some textures)

And with that - I am finished. Thanks for reading!

---Found a project. Thanks for the offers!

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offer accepted

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Ohohohoh boy! I have just the project for you! I've got a design document together, and a few artists. We just need a committed programmer like yourself to bring it life! It's a PC game (not mobile) and our rev-share for programmers is calculated using logged hours.

If you're interested, I can tell you more in PM or you can email me at Aach06@gmail.com, or contact me on discord at Blastmastercrash#6265

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