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I'm making a program which displays simple 2D animations (think text and images scrolling over the screen) and I'm wondering what API would be best to use. Two important factors here are 1) being pixel perfect 2) never miss a frame, always 60 FPS.

My target is primarily Windows (7 and newer) but being cross-platform would be a plus.

I started with GDI (i e, the normal Windows thing) which is good from a pixel perfect perspective, but has a hard time reaching 60 FPS.

I have started to look into OpenGL but I'm not sure it's the right choice w r t being pixel perfect.

As for never missing a frame, would DirectX be better due to its swapchain feature? (Input lag is not an issue here so a few frames in-flight would not hurt.)

I guess Vulkan is a bit overkill and the amount of machines not supporting Vulcan is a big minus at this point.

What about web technologies such as WebGL (or 2D Canvas) + CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework)? If that is smooth enough, that would also be a very interesting option.

What do you think?

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Hi I think you could go for DirectX (11) or OpenGL, I will stick with the last as supports multiple platforms. You should be able to reach the 60FPS in both APIs, it will only depend on the amount of work you push to the GPU and how well is everything programmed :) . Same for pixel perfect, it should be doable in both.

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