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[VR] Spartaga- The biggest/boldest bullet-hell/twinstick ever!

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As of today, Aug 28th...

Spartaga is now available on Steam!

Spartaga is a VR Bullet-Hell action arcade game, where your controller is your ship. Geometry Wars and Xortex 26XX in the lab were the big inspirations. We handmade all the levels, did a lot of tuning, playtesting, etc. We're very happy with how it came out. There are a couple free updates we'd like to do as well, once we start getting feedback.



We were also very lucky to collaborate with Carbon Based Lifeforms, one of the most popular ambient electronica artists in the world, and we dedicated a whole mode to them. It's very, very pretty.



We can actually run at 90 fps slightly under minimum VR spec if you turn off some of the graphic options, but if your computer can handle it, you'll want to turn everything on. It's very cool. The background art is synced to the music, some of the CBL schemes have dozens of dynamic lights (honestly I'm still a little surprised it runs so well).


The whole project was made in Unity, with a good amount of assets from the store (mostly sound, pfx, UI). 2 people for about a year, one of us (me) was fulltime the whole time, the other guy went full time for about the last 6 months, and was doing it for a side project / royalty before that on the side of being a lifeguard. As for me, I came from a long AAA history at Microsoft Studios in publishing, but also did a bunch of stuff on kinect, and 5 years on HoloLens. It was super fun, but i'm very excited to be a small indie now, it's what i've always wanted to do. I've been a lurker on gamedev.net since I was a kid, some of the old articles helped me out in my first interviews to get into the industry. Check it out! Happy to take any feedback or answer questions about the game or development or anything else.


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