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17 years and time for me to re-evaluate my skills

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I've been a programmer for 17 years. Since middle school, I've been using the likes of BASIC to currently C++. I've done school programming, hobby programming, web development, and game programming (which has been the bulk of my programming experience). However, since I'm self taught, I'm doing a reevaluation of my skillset since I'm about to take on a very big gaming project of my own for commercial reasons. I've created two commercial games so far: Link #1 & Link#2. They're all self coded with contracted assets from artists and musicians. If there's one thing I will say I don't have an actual education much in (except from brief books), and I'm still wondering if I need to at all, it's the following:

  • project organization
  • task management
  • project management

I can use some advice from more professional programmers and game developers on how to proceed before I do my next project. Books, videos, anything will do. I almost want to employ myself with a professional development team for like a year or two to learn how they do it in the business world. I feel like that even though I've completed these projects, it felt like I was hacking together a bunch of wood and hoping the house stays afloat, which is typical of one man dev teams who are garage deving everything from their bedroom. Thank you!

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Very good. Though I want to ask a little more on what would account for "moderate" or "too short" or "too long", I believe it only proves your point that such a scale changes by project so I'll keep that in mind.

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