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Soufiane Chalouh

Gathering indie mobile game team- all skills (especially artist)

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We are assembling an indie team for mobile games dev, and we would be happy to have more skilled people (name your skill) to join.

Till now there's only my friend (game developper , Unity2D and 3D) and I.

As for my background,I've been publishing games on android for the last 3 years, especially in 2015 and 2016 as I had to stop for school, I am a software engineer (makes me skilled in C# and games dev), I'm also skilled in ASO , Marketing and Game design, in parallel with game dev of course:


 Our games on Google Play Store reached 100 000-500 000  Downloads and Up to 500 000 - 1 000 000 (500K to 1M) Downloads in a single game, and Google Play alone, and that was using some relatively poor graphics.. we bought game assets and we had to make our games fits them instead of having a graphic designer who can make the graphics that fits our games. Moreover, we used source codes that we bought instead of making our own unique ones.

as for the profit, I personally have reached more than 7k$ in one month! without professional arts and with simple source coudes bought from code canyon, and that was working in parallel with studying in engineering school, now I'm full time.


We're hoping to reach greater success with a good team and skilled people. We follow the same game dev cycle that is practiced in big companies (just a bit adapted to the indie resources), including brainstorming sessions and everything .. so we'll all be dropping and choosing ideas when it comes to the next game concept, and of course we will do fair profit sharing when success comes.


If you are interested in joining, please state your skill and contact us , a portfolio or some samples would be Great ! we can start a conversation here as you can email me at soufianechalouh@gmail.com


Looking forward to teaming up with you guys and making big success.

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Hi there.

I am an artist with working experience in art, graphic and 3D animation. I have won a worldwide art competition for my Illustrations and am have designed concept art for a games that have unfortunately ran out of funding.I am interested in joining and see if we can create some really cool material. Hope you like my work.

I can paint in lots of different styles depending on the mood and audience of the game or project :)

Thanks. Andy. 




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