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Building a team for a Tycoon game

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Looking to build a small team of a few developers to create a low-poly Tycoon management game in Unreal Engine 4.

Current Needs

  • A programmer fairly-well versed in optimizing algorithms for large datasets and understanding the limitations thereof. (e.g. flow field pathfinding and algorithm development.)
  • An artist/modeler capable of creating low-poly models and helping design the look and feel of the game.

I have a rough framework for how the game will proceed, but the details are still being established. As a member of this team you will have a large role in shaping those details and how the player will interact with the game.

PM me with details if you're interested.

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Hi there.  

I am an artist with working experience in art, graphic and 3D animation. I have won a worldwide art competition for my Illustrations and am have designed concept art for a games that have unfortunately ran out of funding.I am interested in joining and see if we can create some really cool material. Hope you like my work. Thanks. Andy. 




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