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Mesmer - free iPhone endless-runner released.

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My second game was released at the weekend. It's called Mesmer and it's an addictive little endless runner with pretty challenging gameplay and a simple twist. In Mesmer you're always moving left or right across the screen as obstacles approach. You can tap to change direction and that's it.

The game concept is based on games played while learning to code on the BBC Micro many years ago. I remembered this game style being strangely addictive back when I typed it in as a learning-to-code project, and thought it might translate well to the mobile market. I think I was right, as I've lost a lot of time simply playing it during development. The graphics are reminiscent of the grids and light-cycles from the original Tron film which I enjoyed around the same time.

Mesmer_SS_7p_demo-1.png.62dab530df808340f46a33eba23c4c9e.png Mesmer_SS_7p_demo-2.png.ab9bc9fde637ad25a3f2aa48292e4406.png Mesmer_SS_7p_demo-3.png.a0e3a176a0cd4181145b627aa20430a8.png Mesmer_SS_7p_demo-4.png.f123778d845997b3b55a10ebd2a175a5.png Mesmer_SS_7p_demo-5.png.e2a153dc0bf22569ad445942f343107b.png



Creative Shadows Ltd - Tim Cooper


Release Date

August 2017



ITunes Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mesmer/id1088694679

Company Website: http://www.creativeshadows.co.uk

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MesmerGame/


Price / Business Model

Free to download with in-app purchases, interstitial adverts and reward videos.



Different Game Modes

There are two different game modes to the game.

In Arcade Mode you collect coins and power-ups, and complete in-game challenges to level-up and unlock more challenging gameplay and start-of-game abilities.

Zen Mode offers a calmer, simpler approach. No coins, no power-ups, just you and the game and your high-score.

Levelling and Power-Ups System

In Arcade mode you always have 3 active challenges to complete, ranging from the simple ones like collecting a certain number of coins to the things like having a certain number of near-misses with obstacles. Completing challenges gives you experience which in turn levels you up, unlocking more in-game power-ups and start-of-game abilities.

The power-ups can also be levelled up by spending coins in the shop. The higher the level the longer the effect lasts.

Power-ups include:

  • Coin Storm - all obstacles turn into coins.
  • Magnet - attracts nearby coins. 
  • Shrink - become much smaller. Makes it harder to collect coins but easier to sneak through the gaps as things get more difficult.

Display Customisation

Not a fan of the background line colours? No problem. Simply collect some coins and head to the shop to purchase or activate one of the alternate colours available.

More customisation options are planned for future releases, including more colours and the option to change both the player and obstacle too.

Daily Rewards

Check the game every day to receive a random reward of coins, coins and 2 power-ups, or a jackpot of coins plus 2 each of boost, shield and coin-multiplier power-ups. Each day you check-in in a row (up to 5 days) increases the number of coins and the possible type of rewards you can get.

If you want more power-ups, once a day you can watch a video to receive 3 each of boost, shield and coin-multipliers power-ups.


I hope you like Mesmer. Any feedback, comments or suggestions for improvements would be gratefully received.

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