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    • By Kobaktan
      I need multiple animations takes to be placed in one FBX file, but 3ds max isn't able to place them in separate timelines. So is it a way to place several animation takes in one FBX file?
      Added: what I tried is exporting in "txt fbx", then adding in notepad a new take in the "take section", then reexport in binary fbx. But it looks like a little bit comples
    • By Kjell Andersson
      For those doing promotional videos for their games we have released a video plugin that allows you to add glow, aka blooming, as a post effect in your video pipeline. The plugin is an OpenFX plugin that works in video editing software such as Nuke, Catalyst Edit, Natron or any other OpenFX compatible host software.
      The blooming filter allows you to set the threshold intensities that you want affected by the glow. You can also color tint the glow or make it anisotropic for stretched glow effects typically used for really bright intensity light streaks.
      Sample of an image before the blooming effect is applied:

      Image after blooming has been applied:

      You can find out more about this plugin on the Genifect OpenFX plugin suite page.
    • By Flakky
      Hello guys! 
      I was recently researching about motion capture systems and found many methods and hardware, some of them are expensive, some are cheap. As we are indie, we are looking for Mocap for like 2k$ or like this. I know we need to clean up animations anyway, please do not tell about it. What I want to hear is what way will give us cleaner animations? 
      First option we have is to use some Kinects v2.0 + PS Eye and Move. It will cost around 500$ + 1000$ for IPI Soft wich can record and convert all the animations.
      Another option is to use 8+ cheap FullHD 60fps cameras (~500$), any black sport suit (~100$), small balls (paint them with reflective paint)(~50$), and some lights(~50$). Use it as studios do with Motion Bluilder (1000$).
      I know there are speacial cameras for Mocap, but they are really expensive..
      Some say kinects + IPI are better choice, no need to wear any suits or work with marks.
      But my guess it that using cameras with suit and marks will give us cleaner animations, but what is better in your opinion?
    • By INTwindwolf
      We are an indie game studio consisted of professional and friendly people. Additionally, we are a team of skilled artists and dedicated indie enthusiasts. Our current project is INT, developed on Unity Engine 5 for platforms Windows, Linux, and Mac. We are recruiting a few more members on the team to finalize our playable demo.

      INT is a 3D Sci-fi RPG with a strong emphasis on story, role playing, and innovative RPG features such as randomized companions. The focus is on the journey through a war-torn world with fast-paced combat against hordes of enemies. The player must accomplish quests like a traditional RPG, complete objectives, and meet lively crew members who will aid in the player's survival. Throughout the game you can side and complete missions through criminal cartels, and the two major combatants, the UCE and ACP, of the Interstellar Civil War.
      Please note that all of our current positions are remote work. You will not be required to travel.
      For more information about us, follow the links listed below.
      INT Official website
      Steam Greenlight
      IndieDB page
      Also follow social media platforms for the latest news regarding our projects.
      We are looking for an Animator to join the Art team to rig characters and create animations for the game. You will be collaborating with fellow members of the team in the creation and polishing of 3D animations.
      Your tasks will include:
      Create rigs to be used for animations. Skin 3D models to rigs. Refine existing 3D animations. Contribute to constructive team discussions. Attend regular team meetings.  
      To be successful in this position, following requirements apply:
      Have working knowledge of 3D animation suites. Understand import/export requirements for Unity Engine integration. Excellent self-management skills. Excellent attention to detail. Excellent communication skills. Satisfaction of the follow requirements are preferred, but not essential:
      Knowledge of the Unity Engine UMA character creation system would be an advantage.  
      This is the perfect opportunity to get into the game development industry. We have the majority of our art assets completed and are marching towards our crowd-funding campaign, currently planned for year 2018.
      We are unable to offer wages or per-item payments at this time. However revenue-sharing from crowd-funding is offered to team members who contribute 15-20 hours per week to company projects, as well as maintain constant communication and adhere to deadlines. Your understanding is dearly appreciated.
      TO APPLY
      Please send your Cover Letter, CV, Portfolio (if applicable), and other relevant documents/information to this email:
      Thank you for your time! We look forward to hearing from you!
      John Shen
      HR Lead
      Starboard Games LLC
    • By marcus12
      Hello Guys,
      I have a doubt whether a particular animation is  a 3d or 2d animation.  Just see this video from time frame  0:30 and watch the character who is firing.  I feel it's 2d and done either in sprite animation or skeletal animation (using spine etc).   What you guys think about it? 
      I want to achieve this animation using  2d skeletal animation in Unity but having problem while rotating the character around the fixed point ( hip part of the character).
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