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UI/UX Designers & Animators

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Looking for UI/UX designers to design the visuals for the mobile app of Runeseekers.

Also looking for animators to create a short cinematic video for the Kickstarter campaign of Runeseekers.

If anyone is a fan MOBA's this project may appeal to you! :D


Our current team:

Brian Metz - Lead Designer

Amber ansdell - Producer

Andrew Menjivar - Art Lead

Reinhold Heib - Lead Programmer

Environment Artist - Ziwie Pan

Designer - Dominic Camuglia

2D Artists - Omar Field & Joshua Shel

3D Modelers - Dean May, Hannah Friedman & Chris Ruiz

Programmer - Mario Dev

UI/UX Programmer - Leonard Perez


Contact info:



Runeseekers Flyer.png

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