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GameMaker Studio 2 Launches on Mac OS

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GameMaker Studio 2 is now available on macOS. First launched by YoYo Games in March 2017, GameMaker Studio 2 has been steadily supported after its debut and is ready to take the next step by opening game creation even further with the Mac Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

YoYo Games has ensured that every upgrade and feature addition made to GameMaker Studio 2 since its launch has been consciously preserved in the macOS version, ensuring the Mac release is on par with previous releases. Now, programmers who favour the Mac operating system and Mac enthusiasts who are newcomers to the 2D developing world can access the intuitive base of operations in GMS2.

“We worked tirelessly to ensure GameMaker Studio 2’s Mac debut would coincide with the needs of game developers that prefer to use platforms outside of Windows and home consoles,” said James Cox, general manager, YoYo Games. “After months carefully considering the feedback we received from beta testing and direct community outreach, we’re confident that developers who prefer Mac can now feasibly create games on the often-ignored platform. We’re always looking for ways to expand game creation to as many developers as possible, and we know Mac users will make some stand-out games with these resources.”

GameMaker_ Studio_2_1 (1).png

Timed with the macOS launch, GameMaker Studio 2 is also receiving a comprehensive update with new features and quality-of-life improvements. The 2.1 version update introduces:

  • A “last used” list: Expedite your workflow by accessing recently used assets through the new Resent Assets section of the resources tab;
  • Code folding: Maximize your editing efficiency by selectively hiding or expanding sections of code, managing large sections of text while only viewing the few lines of relevant code;
  • Resource tree update: Tailor the newly redesigned resource tree to your programming needs with customizable layouts, colours, and icons to highlight sections that are important to your workflow;
  • Integrated debugger: Debug your programs on Mac via a simple debugging layout with new panels for debug events, keeping the focus on cleaning up your code;
  • Multi touch support: Code on the go with Mac laptops, using the standard touchpad pan and zoom features to navigate naturally through workspaces.

GameMaker Studio 2 can be purchased for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu for $99.99 on the YoYo Games website, which also features many more package options.

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