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Sanya Boyko

Open Source Does anyone need map exporter from NES/SMD games to TMX format?

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Hello! I'm making the CadEditor utility. This is a universal level map editor for NES / SMD games, used to inplace change ROM files. The program has been done for a long time to edit a couple of old console games, now I have to do a little bit of updating it, perhaps turning it into a block editor, like Tiled.  

Would anyone be interested in such a tool, or is there enough of the existing map editors functionality?

And other question. It's possible to do export blocks from all the games already supported by the editor to tileset, and the map itself to the TMX format supported by Tiled editor, as well by many engines - so you can immediately get blocks and a game map from some old games for experiments with them into modern engines. Will anyone need this feature, if I implement it?


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