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Tero Ojala

How to promote game dev project

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Hi everyone!

I'm working on a hobby game project called "PandemicZ" top-down 3D-shooter. It is mainly a zombie infestication simulation, that tries to model how player would survive in "real" zombie outbreak. Zombification starts with one human and it spreads the virus by chasing humans and so on. Player is in the middle of randomly generated city and the goal is to survive and kill all the zombies.

But the question is that what channels and how could i get some awareness to the project and get some good feedback? And maybe some help with map-building, animations and modelling?

For now i only have Facebook page, where i post updates of the developement project (please, feel free to follow project):


For now i have pretty good simulation going on and player can shoot people and zombies, but a lot have to be done to even have beta-stage product.

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There is a blog section here you can use for this, you will get good feedback from the forum users.

Mostly you have to advertise, use as many forums as you can. To prevent it from getting in they way of development you should maybe look at hiring someone for marketing or ask a friend who is on the net at all times.

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5 hours ago, Tero Ojala said:

how could i get some awareness to the project

I assume you're asking how to market your game. Accordingly, I'm moving this to the Business/Law forum, where there are several threads about marketing.

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I've outlined some basic indie game marketing tips here on my blog: https://clemmons.io/free-ways-promote-indie-games-online/

For your case specifically, you are doing a good job of posting native videos to your Facebook page. What you can then do is share those videos from your page into relevant groups. You can recycle those videos onto other platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube.

Another option is to run FB ads using your videos for as low as $1/day.

Hope that helps!


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