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Game Engine


Game to perform on Fifth Engine, an engine that's capable of powering multi-layered framework, allowing complex core functions and effects; it is triple any framework it can contain and a quarter of all worlds when created at max size. Fifth Engine uses line framework arithmetic on a different scale relating to a simpler, line framework, to incorporate a simpler, line framework. A line in a potential game world framework is similar to a multitude of lines in Fifth Engine; a line from other tensions, a drawn line, etc.


Fifth Engine is thought to be a graphical cut from a game if quantified by game material that needs to be disguised; any game material disguises Fifth Engine, using the wound effect as a core; Fifth Engine Core may be restricted to numerous lesser magnitudes, including a common lesser magnitude; at common magnitude, Fifth Engine is capable of operating game worlds and game mechanics of square-mirrored-symmetry; Fifth Engine creates the most complex graphical effects.


Fifth Engine can present a game with, for example, flight, swimming or running, on a spherical planet; an open world RPG encompassing supplemented graphics,


A net of a game world is part of a effect net that's part of Fifth Engine; Fifth Engine can create graphical cuts of angular degree and create unusual momentum; a simple, inefficient menu-screen can be created from a single repeated cut frequency, an example high-graphical experience; a scene of trimmed graphics and abstract three-dimensional special effects.


Fifth Engine's main advantage over other game engines is three-dimensional colour and light blending control; an attack from a sword generates smooth blood splatter and blood air flow, and other visual effects can be tuned to blood loss motion. Rhythmic Graphical Patterns, which can be found in an example blood loss effect; the mechanic justifying air flow of lost blood, for example, can be magnified, allowing for graphical precision when considering motion.


A weak wavy page graphical rhythm, has control of parts in multiple scenes, one scene can be transferred to the next with more precise graphical effects if weak wavy page rhythm can be disguised, which is accomplished efficiently in any part or in a common dump in game framework; raw weak wavy page rhythm allows for creation of potent contact effects (such as brittle effects), as well as swirling effects; pixels decompose on the smallest frequencies, the smallest frequency is a Fifth Engine compound 'graphical cut' which may link to another pixel frequency in a hierarchy of pixel frequencies, for precise tilt, turn and jump effects, as well as special effects;, a symmetrical transition of angel and devil side main character and environment, from pixel decomposition to a precise graphical cut, causing mass scene alteration with perfectly blended transition (a simple 'inverting' procedure but with designated style).


Fifth Engine is a zipped line complexity finished with an incomplete framework, that generates sphere or cubed effects in the background of neutral incomplete framework of counter-effect; Fifth Engine appears as an abstraction to developers; originally non-blank; can be moulded so that the non-blank aspect is a tiny bobbing pixel, or carried through a game in technically blended frames, or disguised simply with a badge-effect.


An animal climbing a cliff on a sunny day can be presented with perfect focus on sunlight during active view transition, for mastered graphical effects.

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I think I understood about 15% of the post.  The rest seemed to be English but with nouns randomly selected from technical jargon.

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From the description I believe this is just the Translate Server Error engine, repackaged after the author has caressed the convex of all kinds.

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