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Feedback needed for game idea (Total War Styled Sci-Fi/Fantasy RTS)

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Hi Guys, im looking for feedback for my game idea. The basic concept is a Total War styled post apocaliptic fantasy RTS with simplified, but entertaining gameplay.

The following concept will not contain any detailed game mechanics, just a simplified but (wannaB) organized concept of the story. If i see it interests people i will write down the proper mechanics here and continue to write the story, and adding more athmosphere. Feel free to criticise everything, i need as much feedback as i can get before i start to spend money, time and energy to this project.

PS.: Please forget anything you learned from english grammar, i didn't found it useful. :D

Soooooo here we go: 

In 2120. Earth's nations started to colonize new worlds, but the world wasn't united under a single banner, so the  colonized worlds are divided between the colonizing  superpowers. The expansion lasted for a century when in 2231. a war erupted between the nations in Earth and in its colonies. The war lasted for years and  in desperation they started to use nuclear weapons in space and land. The warring factions oblitared themselves and each other, dooming almost every planet they inhabited, and without trade and transportation the few intanct colonies started to fade away.

The game takes place in the planet Saram IV which is desolated by the nuclear war. The massive explosions unearthed an ancient asteroid what crashed to the planet eons ago, vaporizing its content called "gen". the vaporized asteroid caused the humans to develop special abilities (enhanced physhical properties, gen based magic) and mutations to animals and humans alike who take higher dosage of the material. One half of the planet is in constant nuclear winter caused by the explosions and the cataclysmic events followed the nuclear explosions ( erupted volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamies), the other half is currently unknown, because the game takes place in the "Darklands". The game starts 450 years after the war.

Gen: The vaporized content of the asteroid what was unearthed during the nuclear war. The gen infects everyone in a level, but most of the people doesn't develop any ability, or any change in their physical appearance. The gen concetrates higly in the east, due to the fact that the asteroid is east from the campaign map. Other places (like The Churches lands in the south) are naturally defended by mountain ridges from winds with highly concetrated gen. The gen itself not only changes the physhic and develop abilities, it affects the mind itself. For example: the churches soldiers are fanatic in battle and highly religious in their life, all because to the churches dogma what is surrounds them from the birth. The Northern Clans in the other hand are fierce, brutal and lustful because of the environement that surrounds them made the clansman to force themselves to maintain population and fight for food.

There are 4 playable factions:

1; Clan Gorestrike

 Cannibals, twisted, savage people, driven by lust, urge to kill and plunder. Lead by a High Chieftain Gern Gorestrike,  melee focused rooster with archers and gen using witches.

"After the war the Church of Man and The State of Kann  only gave safe heaven to people they wanted (engineers, technicians, teachers, the so called "useful" people), everyone else has been sent  to their deaths. The people are migrated to north and started to assemble  clans to overcome the weather and the hostile environement. After two centuries the popultaion started to grow, so almost every edible animal has been eaten, and without technology they wasn't able to grow crops to sustain themselves, so they started to kill and eat each other. A few clans started to push southwards, only to stopped and destroyed by the Church of Man and the State of Kann . The remaining clans fought againts each other, and started to worship dark deities what led them to madness and developed a twisted society where the weak is eaten, the strongest can mate with anyone  he/she/attack helicopter wants. They worship four deities: Mor; the god of  death, Senja; the godess of hunt, Fes; the godess of pleasure, Tojt; the god of pain. Now the Chieftain of Clan Gorestrike is united all of the warring Clans and Decided to Strike the south with all his fury against everyone who betrayed them and left them to die."

2; Church of Man

Evolved to a totalitarian military state who enslave or kill everyone that doesn't believe in god. They are driven by the urge to purge the "unclean" life forms (mutants, heretics, non belivers) Lead by the Grand Cleric, Mixed unit rooster with primitive firearms and zealot melee units.

"The Church of Man has took as many survivors in as they could after the war, but after 4 years the head of the church died, and the electors choosed a devoted but brutal and fanatic leader, who is crowned himself as the first Cleric. He initiated a purge, where all the non belivers, mutants and gen users has been killed. He implemented a totalitarian state where the worsip of god and the work for the community is been above all else. The Church of Man is later opened their diplomatic channels towards the State of Kann and for a couple of decades they they lived peacefully next to each other, until one of the northern clan invasions in 2443. where the States army contingent waited and watched the battle between the Churches army and the Clan Screwfang and Clan Icebone forces near the Pit of Bones. The Northeners are brutally massacred the Churches army before they engaged the States contingent, which is utterly defeated the tired and already decimated northern forces. After this treachery the Church declared all of the states population as heretics, and attacked every scout, merchant and traveller who got their feet in ther lands. The Church is now led by Grand Cleric Herch III. whos sole purpose is to eradicate the threat in the east.



3; Clutter of the Wild

The gen level is the highest in the east, so who didn't die is a mutant with increased physical strength or stronger mind, driven by the need to find new feeding grounds. Lead by the Alpha, Mixed rooster with strong melee units and gen using distance fighters.

" The Clutter is born not soon after the war. Gen is infused everything in the east, including plants and animals, trees and rats alike. 150 years ago when the first church scouts dared to infilitrate the wilds, only six man came back from the original 700 that Grand Cleric Aman the First send to find out the origin of the gen. They said everything is gloving in purple and green, wild rats quadrupled in size and are able to talk, birds with fur and strange plants that tried to strangle them in their sleep. After the grieve news the Church as formed a special agenda with one purpose: find the source of gen and eradicate it. The agents and soldiers of Ordo Exortus Solis (order of the scorching sun)  are infilitrated the wilds, many of the reports speaks about a human like creature what is able to control all the creatures wich it acame across. Reports said the predators stopped attacking critters in its presence and the most vicious monsters are layed their heads to its "feet". The OES is tried to track and hunt it down without any success, every specially trained scout units went missing after the given order.



4; State of  Kann

The remaining govermental elements formed a pact that lasted since, the ruling class is a military junta, Lead by the First Marshall, their motive is to rule over every human and found a new civilisation on their terms. Firearm based unit rooster with a few melee units.

The State is founded directly after the nuclear war. The remaining governmental branches saw, that without cooperation they are done, so they founded a monarchy, led by the military branch. The leading junta chooses a director, who leading the nation (with proper help from the council) all in his lifetime. The States single goal is to unify the human race once more, in an efficent, productive and controlled way, to end all wars, and bring prosperity to themselves. At least this is the official goal of the State. In reality, they are killing and enslaving those who trying to disapprove the government, and force the civilians to obey and serve. They military is stayed fairly modern, but without facilities to produce fuel for their warmachines they only rely on ther highly trained infantry. The state is currently led by First Marshall Lorm, who's decided to lower the threat from the North, and harden the States borders againts the Church of Man.


Neutral factions:

Scavengers: mixed troop rooster , inhabits many settlements in the middle part of the map, 3 scavenger clans. Able to trade, and form a military pact with the player.

Main event: Spaceship crashes to the mountains at the border of the Darklands, opens up a gate between the darklands and whats on the other side.

Aliens: Malfuctioning ship crashing in to the planet. The ship is disabled, but they start to reapair it by conquering 2-4 settlements for slaves and materials. After the conquering of the specified amount of settlements, a timer will show up that will count the time that the aliens need to repair communications and ask for reinforcements, if the timer runs out hte reinforcements arrives with almost overhelming force and they start to wipe out some of the cities. The player can choose to attack them before or after their planetfall or wait out the leaving of the aliens. After they left they leave behind a military base in the mountain pass where the ship crashed, the player must capture it to win the game.  Attacking and conquering the military base  after they left, will not count as a Total Victory. Their unit rooster is composed of high tech infantry with laser weaponry and artillery + attack bombers. They lore will be written later.

Victory Conditions:

Total Victory: Obliterate the other factions, complete the main event.

Victory: Hold at least 20 of 35 Settlements, complete main event.

Alien Victory: side with the aliens and obliterate all enemy factions (allying with aliens only available for factions that are at war with all existing factions, allying with aliens is not available for "The Church of Man").

Neutral playthrough: Hold at least 10 settlements at the end of the turn 250.




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