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Join: Weekly Game Jam

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Looking for a regular game jam?
Join us at the Weekly Game Jam.


What is the Weekly Game Jam?

The Weekly Game Jam is a weekly game-making challenge. Make a game or prototype in a week - stress free. Whether you decide to jam with friends or go rogue, remember to have fun.

Use the weekly theme as inspiration and start building ( WGJ website )

Step 1 Join the next Itch.io event:

Step 2 Join our discord community:

Step 3 Follow us on Twitter ( #WeeklyGameJam ) and we'll love you forever:

Games from Week 7

Why do game jams?

Creating game projects and joining jams are one of the best ways to flex your game dev skills in any area of discipline - art, game design, programming, audio and so on. Whether you're currently enrolled in formal studies, or embarking on your own personal learning adventure, game jams are key. You get the opportunity to learn from other devs whether you're jamming solo or in a group. It's also a great way to 'network' without 'networking' if that makes any sense - you just meet people and participate in a common activity basically.
Both beginners and experts participate in jams and everyone learns from everyone.

For Weekly Game Jam, we have a mix of beginners and vets. The jam is organized by two experienced, industry game devs - Torri an artist from Lumos Labs in San Francisco and Camiile a programmer from 2K in Czech & Marin - who love to jam and play games.

As a last note, you don't have to participate in the weekly jam every week, but if you feel motivated and inspired feel free. Participate at your own pace!

Our Discord community is where we participate in live conversations and activities:

What Tools can I use?

Make a card game, a computer game, anything playable. If you're a beginner, you have a lot of options to explore. If you're a seasoned game dev, this is an opportunity to experiment with different tools. Here are some popular game-making tools:

General Game Engines
Unity | GameMaker | Godot | Scirra Construct2
Text Adventure
Twine | Quest
Pixel Art
Visual Prototyping
Card Game
Dulst | BoardGameGeek.com

Comment if you decide to join!
Can't wait to see you there ;D

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