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Casual addictive one touch game

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Slicky Futon


I present you with pride my first ever mobile application/game, it's nothing fancy but it's a great time killer, and i need some serious and honest critique/feedback since my all my friends gave me 5 stars(i don't think it's a reliable feedback).

" rel="external">Gameplay video

" rel="external">Rhythm based level

Play Store link

Please keep in mind that it was designed to be simple and addictive and i was hoping for some honest feedback.

Language: Java

Engine: Libgdx

Physics engine: Box2D

IDE: Android Studio

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I like the color scheme, and yes it is simple and somehow addicting and it seems(from looking at the video) that there is more to it than being a just a flappy bird clone. But for me it is way to hard so i never could enjoy the different modes because i died very early every time i played this game (around thirty times i think, but my highscore is only 13). So because of the lacking success due to my poor gaming skills i was not motivated to play it any longer.

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I've been getting the same complaint from pretty much everyone who gave it a try, and i'm seriously considering making some core changes to be less difficult than it actually is, slowing it down is out of the question, i was thinking maybe i could make both ground and roof bounce you away instead of killing you, that'll significantly reduce the difficulty as i've seen people struggling with them.

Another solution that i've been working on the past week is introducing easier levels, easier obstacles and slower movement could somehow keep new players from getting quickly frustrated by it.

Thank you very much for your honest feedback, and for taking the time to play and comment back.

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