Advice on creating a 2D Inventory System with Unity

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Hi guys,

Quick question.. do you know good tips or know a good Unity Tutorial that includes the following:

- How to make a small 2D Inventory that appears on the upper part of the screen
- For Inventory to be "scrollable" from left to right, in case there are many inventory items
- To be able to click on certain items and have a zoom-in on that object
- Ability to not just use items on game objects but also to be able to combine certain game objects 

I'm using the latest Version of Unity. Thanks :)

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The first hit on google is a tutorial on the Unity site:

I haven't taken it so I don't know how good it is, but it's probably more than enough for your needs.

The bulk of this comes down to Unity's UI system and an understanding of arrays, so start with those two things if you're not already familiar.

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