The Western Samurai (I NEED FEEDBACK) <3

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The Western Samurai


Hello everyone that is nice enough to click on the thread to my game,
if you would be so nice could you watch my videos that kind of run down what I'm going for.

what I want feedback on is the fireball casting by gesture recognition and feed back on how my movement feels.

menu= aim sword in direction to move
grip= aim sword in direction to turn
Trigz= go from backwards to forwards while holding down the trigger to cast a fireball with old Trigzy

I will keep this updating
Don't get scared in my game nothing is real and it cannot hurt you the feelings you get are just you mate.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. [*]How I get into westsam? (the western samurai)
  2. [*]How Do I get into that Space Dem?
  3. [*]What is with the sniffing and breathing in the video?
  4. [*]What is with the BAT AI and the BEE AI?


  1. For those who asked (1.) you have to stab the arcade machine with your machete and arrows will appear in the direction of a teleporter and also that will start the trailer of Westsam.
  2. For those who asked (2.) you have to stab the TV robot dude and watch 11 seconds of the trailer while keeping your sword lodged into the TV robot dude.
  3. For those who asked (3.) I had a cold and you could hear it while I recorded the games which are raw unedited footage.
  4. For those who asked (4.) it's rough mate :) everything is rough but in time it will be smooth

leave any questions in the thread and I promise to update this if its relevant

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