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    • By Agisis
        We have released our game, "Dominari Tournament", to Early Access on Steam. It has been in development for 2.5 years. Gameplay reception is positive from all playtesters. One feedback we have received is that the battlefields surrounding artwork is too flat and needs to have more depth. We are seek to commission an artist to redo that specific piece of border art with a a futuristic tech/space look and feel.  My artistic ability has reached it's limits and we need a professional for this task..such as yourself!
      Here is a screenshot of our game play interface.

      Below are a few screenshots of the STYLE of work we are looking for. Mechanical, with glows and other metallic artwork. Resolution is 1920x1080. Work would be specifically limited to the existing surrounding artwork, no gameplay graphic changes.


    • By MehdiUBP
      I'm very much interested by this conference and the concepts displayed within.
      More precisely, I'd like to understand their process for animation sharing.
      Could anyone help me understand how they do it ?
      Thanks !
    • By Vik Bogdanov
      The panel will take place at GDC conference on March 22 from 11:30 am till 12:30 pm in Sponsored Session Theater, South Hall. The main topic of the discussion is how blockchain and cryptocurrencies will help game developers generate additional revenue by transferring the ownership of the virtual items to gamers. Anyone interested in blockchain is eligible to attend! We look forward to meeting you at GDC and are excited about opportunities this event will bring.
      What's in it for you?
      Take a firsthand look at blockchain and how gaming is already taking advantage of this technology
      Have a better understanding of how blockchain works together with non-blockchain (traditional) solutions in gaming;
      Find out how blockchain complements or adds value to existing business models in gaming;
      Get answers to your most burning questions about blockchain and whether or not gaming needs it at all
      For more details, please visit GDC website.
    • By Carl Gough
      Ninjaskins.com (you may need a vpn to access)

      So at the moment we have released a website which we are trying to turn into a fully regulated igaming/esports site so that we can allow skins/crypto/gateways, our site is www.ninjaskins.com and we have come up with a really unique roulette game and video gamed it up, which is the theme for this site we want to take the casino vibe out of the mix and bring a more video game experience since we accept ingame items as the currency for now, soon crypto etc.
      The trouble is its hard to find decent games designers, especially those who can code in react/htms/css well also so I thought I would branch out here to see about getting some ideas on some concepts we have.  Pretty much this industry is saturated with cookie cutter sites making the same games

      Coinflip       - https://gyazo.com/a7c5026da29e3e77f419b0089a89cb8b we are trying to release this but taking forever due to part time guys....
      Jackpot        - csgofast have the biggest version of this
      Roulette      - as you can see on ninjaskins.com we have something pretty cool
      Dice             - http://portfolio.tech-art.su/dice/ this kind of thing
      Lootboxes   - datdrop.com is great, daddyskins also
      Mines          - check bitkong.com
      Crash          - our early version flatline.mp4
      Slots            - csgofast and csgocmpire.com have this

      I'm basically looking for inspiration, the two games I'm picking from are crash or dice at the moment, but I really don't know how to make Dice more interesting and this gamemode has evolved as a new gamemode called trade up, on things like bolt.gg

      The stack we use is hapi js/node js + typescript/react

      Anyhow, lets see what you amazing games devs think, creative juice much appreciated!
    • By ritzmax72
      That means how do I use base DirectX or OpenGL api's to make a physics based destruction simulation? 
      Will it be just smart rendering or something else is required?
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Concept Game ideas (from Reddit users) up for grabs

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I posted a post on Reddit asking users for game ideas because I had reached a creators block(unfortunately), but one user, "notepad20" had an idea that caught my interest, we're now working together on this project. I feel like a jerk for leaving everyone elses idea just to hang because they're amazing ideas and I'd hate to have them thrown away. 


So I come here to ask if anyone wants to just do a side project and bring ideas to life! Here's the Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/gameideas/comments/6xsj7n/will_build_your_idea/ - enjoy digging through it.

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