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I have a Mac/Windows science fiction project with wonderful puppet Modesto and other 17 puppets. Please have a look at

http://www.asklesliemoonves.com and let me know what you think.

This art is against Hollywood which stole my artwork through their outfit for emerging artists located at 6374 Yucca street, Hollywood CA90028. 

They know what I am talking about.

Project depicts corruption, happening in Hollywood, tranquilized police officer, and self guiding grenades, thrown by the Hollywood administration. 

There is also a deadly zeppelin, launched by Leslie Moonves / CBS, which you supposed to destroy in this episode of Windows/Mac game.

Thank you for watching, I will continue as soon as possible.

Vasily Zotov

web-site (DOWNLOAD links, hit enter in the left bottom of the screen, then MAC/WIN at the top): 


youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9tCj1kAn_4

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I made a terrible  last minute code mistake last time I published.
Game would not even start up with that.
Now everything is corrected.
If somebody would, please load FIXED binaries now (game EXE and APP files)
Sorry, please meet my puppets,
puppet Modesto expresses you greetings from runic writings of the web-site: 
Vasily Zotov
Edited by TalyTurow

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