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DirectX install function error

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hi everyone


i want to convert the C++ code of the DirectXSetupGetEULAA() function to a vb.NET code; so my code is look like this:

Public Declare Function DirectXSetupGetEULAA Lib _
        "G:\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Redist\DSETUP.dll" _
        (ByRef lpszEULA As String,
         ByVal cchEULA As UInteger,
         ByVal LangID As Integer) As Integer


the original code (C++) is :

int DirectXSetupGetEULA(
         LPTSTR lpszEULA,
         UINT cchEULA,
         WORD LangID

theresult is : that this function does not return the specified string and the GetLastError() returns the error 183

183 (0xB7)

Cannot create a file when that file already exists.



any solutions please

Edited by abdellah

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OK, maybe DirectXSetupGetEULAW instead of DirectXSetupGetEULAA.
I guess, that DirectXSetupGetEULAA is ANSI, not UNICODE, it could be another reason.
(.NET is rather UNICODE layer). Here, I am not sure...

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