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Hello everyone! For the past week, I've been searching for a good game to mod (in particular doom, dark souls, half-life 2 or some kind of 3D platformer). Problem is, having a mac is cutting me off from a lot of good level editors like Doom Builder. Can anyone tell me where I can find a good game with a good level editor for mac?

(I know this may sound kind of stupid, but I'm kind of new to this. So bear with me a bit please.)

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Start by going to unreal's site, click "download" in the top right hand corner and register an account. It will download the "epic launcher". In the launcher, choose to download both unreal engine 4 and unreal tournament. There is no fee to pay to do this.

I haven't personally modded unreal tournament so my advice ends there unfortunately, but if you need any help with unreal engine itself or general questions about creating maps etc, there are lots of people here able to help, and also on the unreal engine/unreal tournament development wiki and forums.

Good luck!

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