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So, hi my name is Yuri Crespim and i'am a Brazilian beginner ilustrator..or something like that..well.. i draw sense i'am a kid and have a wacon  that makes me a illustrator in a way right ?.

anyway as i  said, i came to this site in hope to get directions on how should i improve my art, on which way should i improve it more, and  whether i good a it at all, and specially to know new people that loves unique games like i do and maybe, just maybe even help then make something  good too. 

here is same of my work...most are unfinished though.. 


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Hi Yuri, I can't really help you since you're already better than me :D

My suggestion would be to also ask to people over, basically 100% 2d artists over there so I'm pretty sure lot of qualified people will give you valuable feedback :)


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