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Looking to put together a team of programmers and artists for games

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A friend and I are trying to find people to help us with our respective games.  His is a card game like Hearthstone, mine is a fun and humorous isometric tower defense game.  We need programmers and artists.  Please get back to me with skill sets, portfolio and pricing in your respective fields of expertise.

EDIT:  I should add we are looking for 2D art.


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Hi there.

I am an artist with working experience in art, graphic and 3D animation. I have won a worldwide art competition for my Illustrations and am have designed concept art for a games that have unfortunately ranout of funding. Please read my profile information, I have ttached some images of previous art work. Im looking to design for a new game. Just as a project and see if we can create some really cool material. Hope you like my work. Thanks mate. Andy

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