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Critic my new Android game

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It's hard enough for novice. But it's not really problem of game :). Actually it's was fun.

But I'm was little annoyed from absence of button "repeat" right after game over. It's spoil a "flow" a little  

Edited by Paul Velixar

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Vladimir : Thank you, I used Unity3D but the movement are not done with rigidbodies, I created a custom collision script based on geometric ideas.

Black : Thanks bro

Paul : Some of my friends told me the same thing about difficulty, I'll try to improve it a little. I'll think about replay button too, thank you :)

Imas : Just play a little you'll start to get familiar with the controls :D


Thank you guys, please leave a 5 stars rating if you can so as other people can easily find it in the store

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"I created a custom collision script based" - Respect.
"I used Unity3D" - Ugliness.
26 Mb - Idiocy.
But +5 on play market.


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The concept is nothing novel, but the steampunk-y thematic is charming and the aesthetics are good! Unfortunately, you need to make your game more emotional if you want to make it really sell. Emotion is what sells on the market and your game doesn't have much of any. But it's a great start! 

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