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The Cloud Tower - RPG game

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I am new here and I would like to share with you my game development.
This is an isometric RPG game with a strong focus on the looks and story. 

I hope you take a look and tell me what you think.

and sorry for the bad English, I'll take care of it in a few weeks with external help.


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    • By Levi Lohman
      First off, I have some experience in coding, and I've been told I am talented in the ways of mathematics, but I never learned an entire programming language well enough to make an actual game. But I'm not looking for a game engine where there is no coding or scripting at all, I would prefer something where you can set up the game world or levels by dragging and dropping objects in. But I could control the behavior of the objects through simple logic parameters that you set up by selecting things from lists and inputting data. 
      One example is that if you were dropping in the area the player would walk on you could select the object that the player would walk on and from a list that would come up you would select something like "Lable" or "Property" that would bring up a text box where you could input something like "solidSurface" and then you would select the level which would bring up a list where you could select an if/then choice and you would be guided through a thing called "Object Define" where it would say, "If object has lable/property, " and you would select from a list of lables or properties you already made like the "solidSurface" thing you entered in earlier, then you would select some things from a list saying "Player" and you would select an action like "Collide" and finally you would select an action that would happen on collision like "Stop" and you would end up with a surface the player can walk on top of.
      Or if you were making an RPG and you wanted to define how a certain attack worked and had already set up variables for the stats of the player, enemies, and equipment you could type in some things like "preDamage = (weaponAtk x 1.25) x ((playerStrgth / 100) + 1)" and "enemyDefence = enemyArmor x ((enemyEnd / 100) + 1)" and "actualDamage = preDamage - enemyDefence" then you would select an if/then/else template saying something like "if actualDamage < 0, actualDamage = 0, else enemyHP = enemyHP - actualDamage"

      If you know of a game engine that is like or similar to what I'm looking for or if you need more information to know for sure, please leave a reply.
    • By needforbleed
      Hey guys!
      We are two guys looking for people to join our vision of a fast paced shooter like never seen before.
      We already did some work, for example I developed an FPS kit we will make use of for the game.

      But before I go into detail, I'll let you guys know who I am.
      My name is Marcel and I am a 22 years old student from Germany.
      I've been using Unity for more than 4 years now and I think the time has come to build a great game with the knowledge I developed.

      The other guy I talked about is a modeler from US, he has some decent skills too and developed a lot of knowledge in the last years.

      While we both are pretty good at our job we miss some people to make progress at an acceptable speed.

      More specifically, we are searching for anything between coders and modelers.
      We want to get at least two more modelers and one more coder plus sound designer and animator.
      At best you have some interdisciplinary knowledge, tho not required.

      Know that you know whom you are dealing with, here it comes. The game.

      Set in an unknown time, this will be a modern, competitive shooter that required more than just good aim and some tactics. You will be able to literally reach any spot of the map so there is no time to rest.
      The concept is mostly inspired by Brink, Dirty Bomb and Call Of Duty, tho it will be unique.
      Our goal is to release this thing F2P once it reaches an early beta state.
      We are not going for pay to win concepts or anything, the only thing people will be able to buy is skins.
      There will be operators like in Rainbow Six Siege so that there will never be a round like one before.
      If you are interested to join us or want more info, just join our server on discord.

      Also, here are snippets of the game.
      The model is currently a placeholder downloaded from the asset store but we are working on own weapons, which is why we need more modelers, too.
    • By Katie Bennett
      Hello, first time posting - and doing this at work - so do let me know if there's an introduction thread I should be posting in first.
      I've been asked by a studio I massively admire to submit some writing samples to them - 3 samples, 10 or fewer pages. I have a prose sample prepared, which they've expressed interest in, and the other two should ideally be game writing/'screenplay'. My question is... what kind of 'game writing' is suitable for situations like this? I have a sample I previously prepared for another writing test, primarily testing character concept ability and battle chatter. 
    • By boagz57
      So I've been trying to develop my own little c++, 2d fighting game from scratch and I'm hung up on what exactly I'm suppose to use as 'units' for my game. Currently, as suggested here on another game dev site, my game screen is thought of as a 160x90 grid. So if my game is being run at 1080p screen resolution, that would equal exactly 12 pixels per 1 grid unit (which I call a world unit). For example, I will have code in my game where I will tell my sprite to move 10.0 units/sec in the positive x direction. This means at 1080p my sprite will move 120 pixels/sec when run (12 pixels/unit * 10 units). 
      Recently though, I've started trying to add some collision detection to my game and I've run into a bit of an issue with when to convert my world units into pixels and getting my collisions to work properly. While I'm sure I can fix this after some time, this got me thinking what exactly are the problems with just assuming a certain screen resolution and working strictly with pixels in my game? So instead of saying 'move my sprite 10 game units/sec' just say 'move my sprite 100pixels/sec', avoiding and unit conversion techniques. Then, if I want to, I can come up with some way just to upscale to higher res images or whatever for denser screen resolutions. The reason I ask is on a lot of forums people seem to be against using pixels as units when it comes to collision and physics, even for 2d games.
    • By flatingo
      For me, design is an important part in creating games. I'm not a cool designer, but I decided to make a video about how I do it. I love Unity.
      I see graphics and game design from indie developers and it does not always look beautiful and aesthetically. Levels are empty, simple or do not have their own style.
      I hope you will be fun and enjoy my video. Enjoy watching.
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