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Timothy Sharp

Idea for game

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8 minutes ago, MarcusAseth said:

I've never used Unity before, only Unreal :P


Also, Marcus I have a problem. I got a car WASD turn script, but its all wobbly and all the keys are messed up. I hope your good with java



//inspector variables

var speed:float=5; //speed of the car, tweek as needed based on your scale
var turnSpeed:float=180; //turn speed

function Update() {
    //grab the input axes
    var steer=Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
    var gas=Input.GetAxis("Vertical");

 //if they're hittin' the gas...
 if (gas!=0)
     //take the throttle level (with keyboard, generally +1 if up, -1 if down)
     //  and multiply by speed and the timestep to get the distance moved this frame
     var moveDist=gas*speed*Time.deltaTime;
     //now the turn amount, similar drill, just turnSpeed instead of speed
     //   we multiply in gas as well, which properly reverses the steering when going 
     //   backwards, and scales the turn amount with the speed
     var turnAngle=steer * turnSpeed * Time.deltaTime * gas;
     //now apply 'em, starting with the turn
     //and now move forward by moveVect


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