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    • By MeowBounce
      Hello all! I just created a new game for the App Store called Meow Bounce. You collect FishCoins by bouncing on platforms, adopt cats, and customize them. I've attached some of the art here. I would love to hear any feedback on anything about the app, especially since it's my first app!
      Link -
      I plan on adding features in the future such as simple animations for the world scenes, goals for gameplay, special items cats give you, and music in the shop. 
      Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any feedback! 

    • By Matuda
      Trying to create a physics puzzle game in my "free" time.
      So far it's going very steady, but slow.
      Hope to get some feedback from you!

      Area 86 is a physics-based game, that lets you control a robot at a secret place in space.
      From simple item moving to custom imagined solutions with item picking, throwing, combining and activating!
      Explore & examine all possibilities each place has to offer and do your best to get further.
      But remember, each action has consequences and thus could break or make something unexpected.

      Quick overlook of main features:
      Physics-based gameplay with no bugs or whatsoever Tasks that give you more clue on how to do things wrong Controllable robot who can be blamed for all consequences Includes more than 1 level and each level contains less than 12 possible tasks to complete [ not in free version ] Secret places and hidden objects for extra challenge  
      What can you find in the free downloadable version:
      One fully completable level with 6 tasks and 2 hidden special items to discover.
      From the task list, 2 are main tasks which you should complete to get further and then there are 4 other tasks that should challenge your thinking.
      One of the secret items is visible instant, but you need to figure out how to collect it, while the other special item is hiding.
      Another extra feature is visual hints, that should force your thinking of discovering features.

      Download playable version for your system:


    • By willsavino
      Hey folks,
      I recently recorded this tune for my demo reel. I'm really psyched with how the flute and guitar worked out, but I'm worried my string patches (SONiVOX Orchestral Companion - Strings) are too cheap sounding. Are these passable for a game score? I know it's context dependent, but I can't tell if I'm just being overly sensitive. 
    • By oranssi
      Still in an early stage of development, but animations and characters are lined up. You will be able to choose from 28 different characters. This game is a psychedelic adult fighting game.
      Archelementals of Eiss - A psychedelic short story :
      (18+) Testing sex mechanics embedded in-combat action.
      AEISS version 0.20 publicly available. Try it now!
      Some images used as splash art:


    • By suliman
      Im looking for feedback for my topdown shooter/ survival game. Plz download (windows only) and comment below! Too hard,  too easy? Any other suggestions? No install needed.
      You play as a survivor (or 2 in local coop with shared keyboard or with controller) and need to travel across US in search for area 61, where your granny is waiting with a space rocket! Loot and shoot boys and girls!
      Download link:
      Damnation Road, Beta 4b (50 MB) (no need to have dropbox installed)

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