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Just Saying Hello! Come Check Out My Sounds

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    • By bakchoi
      This is the 1st game we built by Cocos Creator! We need your feedback about this game on:
      Is this game fun?  How is the graphic performance (laggy?) How can we improve the game? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/color-block-game/id1347502739?ls=1&mt=8
      Thank you =)

      App Preview - Color Block - 886x1920.mp4
    • By HouseAndMoon
      I make a game on my own. I do not use forums (until now) or social media programs to talk about it, I just do it. So the problem is: I finished the game, I published the game for android, no one (ok, 3 persons) check the game. So I see 2 possibilities: either the game is really, really bad (I suck) or I have no idea how to promote my game (this one is true for sure). I really think the game is rather fun but maybe I completely wrong. So, how the hell I check if my game is good or not and how the hell can I do some little promotion of my game for free. I would stop caring about the game if the game is really bad, but I sincerely think it is not. I would be grateful if someone post an opinion about this.
    • By chuksphil12
      i am just starting to learn c++ and i  want to know exactly which free engine will be okay for a beginner to make games
    • By Josheir
      Hello, I am rewriting my pixel art game program and have decided to support the following resolutions:
      1920 x 1080
      1280 x 720
      1024 x 768
      I think they all look fine on the different sized monitors.  Does anyone have an opinion of any other needed resolution to support?
      When I started this research I seem to recall a general response of it might be just important to have the aspect ratios.  What does this mean exactly?  Why?
      Thank you,
    • By MagicMike
      I am starting my first serious game in a LONG time and would like help in remembering and setting up my workflow.  I have an outline of my idea and have chosen two engines to test for best function.  I am refreshing my programming skills.  What I need now is some help deciding what to do first, then next, etc.  Initially it will be a two person work group with my wife as the resident artist (although I think I will be buying sprites and world art to speed things up).  I will be doing the heavy lifting as programmer and project manager.  HELP!!! and thank you in advance.
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