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How to abuse Mod's power

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Hay everyone,

Allow me to share something that will show you the true image of the GDN's mods, specifically Josh. The discussion was about recruiting firms, that they use something like a gate keeper to filter out the resumes. Mr Josh here, went on full moderator mode and started insulting me and kicking me out in front of the rest of the members, when I tried to prove him wrong because he thinks that none or some of the recruiting firms use it. Of course he have people backing him on it because well, he is the mod and he can kick / ban anyone he pleases, in the chat. As he kicks me every time he gives out a reason that I am insulting him where as he has been repeatedly insulting me. This case isn't the first one with Mr Josh on the GDN chat. He is known for abusing the mod's power because he likes to kick and ban members as he pleases and makes up a fake reason for it that matches the code of conduct.

So to prove my previous point since I was unable to do it in the chat.


Here is one of many news articles that should have supported my argument which was "MOST RECRUITING FIRMS IN THE WORLD, DO IT," but unfortunately Mr Josh didn't like it. Not only that, he insulted me in front of everyone and then kicked me out of the channel.

Look, I am happy that you are mods and admins and appreciate you all doing an amazing job, but I am not a kid who doesn't know the abuse of power when he sees one.

Personally I believe that Mr Josh owes me an apology in public.

I am certain that Admins and Mods will delete this thread as well, because as I stated before, Mr Josh have many people backing him up.

I wish I could have my say after being treated like that.

With all due regards


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2 hours ago, MetalHead24 said:

I am certain that Admins and Mods will delete this thread as well

We don't do this - we might close a topic of it isn't productive (usually only in more extreme cases or after allowing a chance for reasonable conversation), but we don't censor or hide complaints about moderation.

If you're unsatisfied with Josh's response we're happy to discuss the matter further, either here or privately.


Lastly, if you're going to make an allegation of systemic abuse of power, please provide examples, or at least a timeframe so we can examine logs.

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The moderators aren't there to protect your ego, but exercising some control over content is part of the job. If you have a problem with instructions you're being given, bring it up with senior mods or staff, as previously mentioned. Pitching a fit, especially in channel, is not the correct response.

I'm closing this thread as unproductive. You know where to find me if you wish to continue this discussion.

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