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I'm a programmer, and me and my partner Kat Langwagen (who does the art and design work) decided back in Nov 2016 that we wanted to create our own game. Together we are Rokabium Games.

We knew it was going to be hard work, since there were just 2 of us, but we thought we would give it a go.

We didn't want to do something too simple, but had to think of something that we could actually finish, and that's when we came up with "Something At My Alien".

We've come far enough along now that we are confident to show people our progress, and are looking for some feedback. We would also like to try to build a little bit of a following and community around our development efforts.

So firstly, a little video trailer to get you in the mood, but please remember this is just an early dev version and we still have plenty to do...


The game is a 2D mining and collection game with puzzle elements. You are the AI on board the spacecraft Antalasia, and you have been taken over by a pirate vessel in a remote system. The pirate is demanding resources for the release of your ship.

As the AI, you have a bunch of alien minions on board your ship, and you can control them to collect for you. There will be 4 different planets that you can transport them to, and explore and puzzle your way through the worlds to find the required items.

Along the way there will be many dangerous obstacles, puzzles and enemies to fight your way though.

This is another dev video with me talking a bit about the game...


We think we will have about another 6 months left, as we have the main mechanics in place, and now we need to add more 'stuff' (Enemies, attacks, puzzles etc) and polish.

We have a little dev blog I've just written over here:

Some screenshots and artwork:





We have a website up here:

Our Youtube channel is here:

FB page is here:

We will be posting here with updates and ideas, and would love to hear from you and see if we are on the right track to a fun & great game.

Thanks for your time... Rob & Kat.

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