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Visual Novel Project

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Hello! I am looking for people willing to collaborate with me on any number of visual novel ideas I have. I have created the writing process for a few of them and would share the plot, characters, overall concept (etc.) of each one prior to making a joint decision. I'd also be willing to work on other people's visual novel idea! I have Tyrano Builder, which I know how to use (minus getting fancy with coding) and can help with the writing. I am looking for artists (character, background, etc). and anyone who may have more experience with visual novel programs and coding.

I apologize for purposely keeping it vague, but my intention is to not put up any ideas so that people who join the team can decide on which story idea they like more, but I do have plenty of details for each one. I would love to form a team of people who love visual novels and want to create one together! 

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Hey there. Are you still looking for people to work with? I do have some story ideas that I've been playing around with for some time now but I've always felt like being part of a team might be a better option. However, I'm not experienced in game creation, I just have my ideas and my imagination and the desire to make something out of them, I guess. Let me know if you're interested.

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A good tool to start.

You can find the background yourself.

Only the artist of the characters and the music will be needed.

You'll find music in open sources.


Create a game so far without characters. To have something to show.

Gradually look for the artist.


PS. Do not be afraid to share information about the project. Those who are not interested will pass by. Those who are interested to offer help. During these years, only one person tried to steal the idea. And he threw the implementation halfway. At the same time, no one will want to work with a person who does not even want to share information. You ask for help ... You are taking the first steps to get people to believe in you and your idea. Write the documentation, create a game and share it with others if you want to find help and people who want to help you.


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