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PC Seeking talent to polish sandbox game [GREENLIT]

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Seeking talent to polish sandbox game [GREENLIT] [UNPAID] [HOBBY]

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What is it?

Nanoforge , codenamed Facade, is a first-person, sci-fi sandbox-adventure game, built in Unity (C#).

Target: Digital Distribution (Steam, Humble, etc.)

What have we accomplished?

  • Greenlit, and approved for distribution on Steam
  • Detailed GDD, narrative, and gameplay documents (27000+ words) to make development simple
  • Established code base: All of the basic gameplay mechanics are in place, and usable! We've developed custom tools to make the level creation and modular level design a snap!
  • Proper management: We've successfully used project management tools since the project's inception, that allow us to complete tasks, communicate, and see the big picture.
  • Modular from the start: We've developed custom tools to facilitate rapid creation of levels that are rich in detail!
  • Perseverance: The game began (as a concept) in 2011, and has survived transitions between game engines, project management tools, programming languages, business models, and countless Skype calls.
  • Detailed analytics: Every play session is tracked extensively via custom metrics, allowing us to view heatmaps of player movement, monitor enjoyment, and optimize the game to eliminate confusion
  • Music/SFX: Over a dozen tracks posted on our Soundcloud page, as well as several custom SFX, made exclusively for the game.
  • You can play it. Right now. Fully-functioning first-person sandbox gameplay, in fact.

What do we offer?

  • Powerful portfolio pieces and references Committed to the project? Your future employers will hear about it.
  • Welcoming and determined team members: Ever lost track of time and stayed up late creating art? We're like that.
  • Flexibility: We've worked with team members from China, Italy, the U.K., Germany, Canada, the U.S., Poland, Russia, and Libya, in countless time-zones. We value your time, and work to create a consensus for all meeting times, so everyone is equally grumpy.
  • Consistency: We've easily passed our hundredth sprint review/planning Skype call.
  • Simple, efficient tools: In-house tools empower you to produce art that looks fantastic, whether in-game or on news sites.
  • Industry experience: Over half of our contributors have worked on major titles in the past, or have had professional development experience, including work on titles such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution,Thief, and Halo 2.
  • Minimal revisions required: We use a multi-stage process to minimize revisions to work, making development far more efficient!
  • Presence at prominent game conventions, including PAX South, PlayOnCon, EGX Rezzed, and PAX East.
  • We are part of the 5%: Virtually all remote-work-based game projects fail within the first six months. We didn't.

What do we need?

  • C# Programmers

    • C# experience required
    • Prior experience with Unity a plus
    • Communication skills
  • Lighting Artists
  • Level Designers
  • Anyone who fits

Note: Other programmers, LEVEL DESIGNERS, and writers are also invited to apply!




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