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Looking for an good pixel art editor

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I am looking for an good but simple pixel art editor(and stable)

something like tiles for frames e.g. 128x128px *15 frames ( I need "higher" resolution, so 128px+ , not tiny 32px)

pastable layer for the draft

some tools, cut,copy,paste, pixel pen


output should be .png,.jpg....one picture with all character movements + idle movement


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I love using Aesprite. It does not cost much and covers everything I need for creating pixel art.

Additionally, it is on Steam, wich makes moving to other computers pretty easy. :D

For a long time I used GIMP, which did the job (I also did a few "Making Of"s in GIMP), but there really is a difference when using an editor made for pixel art. Especially, when it comes to animating.

Best thing will be to try different editors as they offer free trials.

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3 hours ago, RunBerserk said:

do you know maybe an 2d editor which has also joints?

This would be a 2D vector animation tool. You can also use a 3D one, in fact if you plan to do animations for games using a engine like Unity or Unreal then 3D tool would be better.

Blender is a powerful free 3D vector tool. https://www.blender.org/ Can do anything any 2D animator can and often much better. Note 2D and 3D bone animation is the exact same thing. The reason so many 2D bone tools die out is because the 3D tools are much better in every way. If you find Blender hard to use check Maya.


For bone animations some engines like Unity and Unreal can do these kind of vector animation inside the engine and don't need extra tools, unless you plan on doing some very fancy animations.

Spine is the only one that stuck around. http://esotericsoftware.com/ .Spine has mesh deform animations. Can export as 3D mesh, sprite sheet or a special mixture of both. It also has mesh morph animations, however most game engines can't use it. Spine is the only 2D animation tool that does more than what Photoshop can already do.

That brings me to the most powerful 2D tool. Photoshop http://www.photoshop.com/. Does everything any of the sprite tools can and most of what 2D animation tools can; only Spine has extras. The downside is the price and because it can do so much it isn't very clear on where some of the tools are.

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