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Hello All,

We at Snaketakes Studios Inc. are eager to start sharing more about our project "End of the Beginning" which is slated for PC, Xbox One & Scorpio, PS4 & PS4 Pro. We're aiming for an early 2018 release right now and want to start getting the word out.

End of the Beginning is a unique sci-fi shooter with bold visuals and hardcore game play including 1st / 3rd Person shooter, flight action, space combat, and more...

FIRST EVER: End of the Beginning's creators have been working with some of the top ufologists on the planet to gain access to formerly classified documents about aliens via FOIA Freedom of Information Act requests. Some of which clearly show that our governments have lied to the public about the reality and potential threat of real aliens.

End of the Beginning will give players access to these documents as the players progress through the game!!!

Please visit us online; www.snaketakes.com  or  www.eotbgame.com

Check out our latest videos on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-f9A_AyRj5n6JunXV9_Cw?view_as=subscriber

We are always looking for new recruits as well so please feel free to message us.

Team Snaketakes.


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