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3D Adding Prerotations to game objects

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When I was modelling the truck, the cab must face towards me, that is positive +z,  which makes the object having a negative z vertex positions because the truck has to be animated moving forwards. When rendering a navigation mesh on it, I would like to use to have the mesh having all positive z positions. the problem is mine because my pathfinder isn't able to look up nodes locally that is in negative range. Therefore, when I render the navigation mesh, I'll give a pre-rotation on the geometry and the navigation mesh has positive z, but now the geometry and the navigation mesh is 180 degrees of out each other.

As I am rendering on frame level for the truck, I want to do prerotations on the frames too. but when I multiply the prerotation matrix (with no translations) with the transformation matrix of the frame, things getting bizzard. I just cannot control it because the pivot of each frames is not predefined.... how do I prerotate the frame hierarchy?

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