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Mixed Reality Worlds

VR/AR world building toolset

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Hi,  I am an new aspiring indie developer and just wanted to share my project with other developers for feedback and discussion.  I am about a year into my business and am pretty happy with where it is and where its going.

I started out with the goal of making a "multiplayer sandbox tabletop wargame that supported cross platform play between VR, AR and other future devices".  I now understand what "Scope" is.  As a solo dev with 3 kids and a full time job.... that isn't going to happen anytime soon.  So I decided to strip that goal into parts and work on them one at a time.  My first piece was to build tools for creating the tabletop terrain in VR, using motion controls.   While working on this, I found it was quite fun to build miniature dioramas instead of just terrain using these tools.  So I released the toolset as a "Diorama Worlds", a VR diorama building program http://store.steampowered.com/app/602630/

The concept of diorama levels works great with the VR->AR compatibility.  The building can really only be done in VR with motion controls currently, but for using those scenes as levels or viewing them, they will fit perfectly into the AR platform.  The only difference will be the background skybox in VR, and the real world background in AR.  It was around this time that I changed my goal to working on a Diablo style game.  3rd person games are not the big hot topic in VR currently, but they do look great and I think it will be a huge thing in AR.  With the new goal and still understanding scope, diablo will be pretty far off.  So the next part I am going to work on is "Telling a story".  

This is when I came up with the "M.R. Comics" plan.  With the diorama worlds acting as backgrounds and adding in a stop motion style character posing system and chat bubbles, I can tell a story as a standalone product, and also use these as cutscenes for my future games.  This is a very small addition to the toolset to get it working.  But at this point I also want the comics created with my toolset to work on mobile and AR devices.  This project is unlikely to be profitable since I won't be spending time building comics, but instead working towards the next stage of my project.  So I am going to design this around having other people build the content, and if nobody is interested, it just won't get released as a standalone product.  Im still ironing out the details on how I am going to do this, but the current direction is to release short comic strips for free and allow the artist to put a billboard in the background to self promote themselves.  And for larger stories I am thinking a commission based employment of sorts.


- Levi - www.MR-Worlds.com - https://www.youtube.com/user/BaazSC2


Below is my most recent gameplay video for Diorama Worlds.


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