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Pixel Ballimals - Physics-based Fighting Game

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Ballimals is a work in progress physics-based fighting game where your only source of movement is some form of a "Grappling Gun" or jump, be it a chicken's tongue or an elephant's trunk. It features a similar system to Super Smash Bros, where you have to knock other players off the screen. However there are no "percentage-health" system yet, and I probably won't add something like that either. All aspects of the game is currently made by me, and even though I might believe it is amazing I desperately need someone else to take a look at it and give me some feedback. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the screenshots, try the concept/movement demo and potentially check out my devlog.

The game currently features three playable characters, three playable levels, a character select and a level select. All of the character's share the same basic moves, but have one unique special attack.


Character select


Level select


Level 1 displaying the elephant performing his special attack: Elphquake.


Level 2 displaying the pig performing his special attack: Megafart or something... Also, the egg is the chickens special attack and can eggsplode.


Level 3 displaying the pig swinging by his snot.

Download the concept/movement demo here.

You can also listen to some of the music I have composed so far. I am fairly new to composing would love to hear what you think. You can find it on my devlog.

Any and all feedback is extremely appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: You will need a controller to play the demo.


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