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Style is top down or maybe 12.5 for the RTS. The attachment has some images of what the characters might look like but top down/12.5 versions are what we are probably after. Probably fully drawn is the best but that could be up in air. Check out the document for themes, the RTS is going to take place on 6 different elemental worlds.

Previous work was 'Nosepick' (it's for iOS only) but the RTS game is developed using XAMARIN so we can go cross platform. Other game I'm working on is a card game I can give you details later.

Art for Cubelemental.pdf

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    • By Viir
      I am working on a multiplayer real-time strategy game.
      This game focuses on the core of real-time strategy, forgoing resource gathering, base building, and unit types.
      You can play the HTML5 version on
      The current version contains an interactive tutorial and an option to play with bots.
      Note that the camera controls are not yet explained in the tutorial. Here is how to control the camera:
      Camera panning: Hold down right mouse button and drag to move the camera
      Camera Zoom: Use the mouse wheel to zoom.


    • By Viir
      This screenshot shows a game with the new bot and map.
      Screenshot from the DRTS Devlog at 
    • By NickMervy
      Hey, guys!
      This is our first game published in Google Play. We are dying to hear your feedback and share great experience!


      Tic Tac Toe is basic and all-known game. And to compete with other games we had to create something unsual, special. We analiesed market and came to conclusion that a lot of Tic Tac Toe games are overcomplicated without any reason - "too many clicks to play". That's why we decided to create on the one hand simple and on the other one contentful game. The idea was "Open game and start playing" -- no menus, no complex settings. All intuitive and comfortable!

      Show him who is the Boss, beat the computer! (Player vs computer) Invite and challenge your friends in 2 player mode! (Player vs player) Play on different maps: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5! Difficulties levels! Score meter to measure your strength! Everything fits in one screen! Great and beautiful sound effects! Innovative design solutions!  

      We decided to make this game totally FREE, so that everyone could play it!
      Here is some screenshots from the game:



      All in all, it is only the begining! We will work hard and improve game! Your feedback and impressions are very important for us!
      Find us in Google Play: Tic Tac Toe – Puzzle Game Free
    • By Penelope Wece
      Hello everyone! My name is Penelope and I am currently working on a Visual Novel called Covet Angel`s. This will be a paid gig. I have been working on this game for a couple of months. Only now I realized I need to step up my game and get better writing in the game. There are 6 main characters that will have routes. 

      -Recognize`s at less some Japanese cutler
      -Need to write out teenager or young adult dialogues pretty well 
      -English is first language 
      -In experience in romance novels 

      What the game will have:
      At less 1-8 chapters for each character not including the prologue
      Good end, normal end, and bad end for each character
    • By janek29
      Hi, I want to present my game called "246! Fast counter" - an engaging mathematical challenge! Add quickly and train your brain!
      Download from here:

      Youtube video gameplay:
      Use math and sum up numbers to get the right result. The correct result gives you more time for further mamtematic operations. Do not let the numbers fill all the free fields, because it will be the end of your adventure with math.

      Act and add numbers quickly to get the right amount. Look for numbers in the borders and use them for adding - this will allow You to unlock more fields and get even more time. Collect as much as possible points - be simply the master of summation and the hero of mathematics!

      Train brain every day to be even better in mathematics.

      It is FREE!

      I am waiting for your comments.

      Please, give me feedback. If you notice any bugs please tell me.

      Thanks !
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