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72h speedhack with Allegro held Oct 20-23

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Hey Everybody,

I'm organizing TINS, a 72h game programming competition with Allegro. Speedhacks are a great way to try out your ideas, practice new skills. Here I explain why speedhacking is good for you! The TINS compo has been held semi-annualy since 2003 and is a real community event for Allegroids.

Here are the rules...

  • Runs from Friday 20 Oct 2017, 12:00 PM UTC to Monday 23 Oct, 12:00 PM UTC
  • You may use any programming language
  • entries must use Allegro in some form
  • Source code must be submitted with your entry
  • 3-5 random requirements are announced at the start of the competition
  • See for more details the rules page
  • Head over to https://tins.amarillion.org to sign up!



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I'm in. I never manage to produce much, but I always have fun and I always learn something. ;) Looking forward to it amarillion. :)

By the way everyone, the best place to get binaries for Allegro is from Nuget for MSVC on Windows, or the official binaries for MinGW, or else you can use my own binaries compiled for MinGW-W64 gcc 7.3.0 here :


If anyone has trouble with my binaries, PM me on allegro.cc or start a new thread there.



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Allegro 5.2.3 released! See the official release thread for details :


And don't forget, TINS is next weekend! Sign up now : https://tins.amarillion.org/

Also, submit your own rules for TINS and they might be chosen for this years competition!


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