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Mortal Kombat style controls applied to melee sword fighting.

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I'm coming up with ideas for a side scroller and have always loved the feel of the the MK super fast punch-duck-uppercut-block-etc... close quarters brawling controls.

In my game I want to portray Medieval European style sword play (heavy swords that cleave instead of the cliched whipped ninja katanas you see everywhere), and heavy armoured characters that are a little bogged down by their own weight (not too much though!).

I figured that by slowing an MK style system down, you could get a faintly authentic trading of blows that you get in cinematic sword fight scenes.

Has anyone seen/made games that this in a 2D side scroller context?

Nidhogg is the closest thing I've seen - but it feels too limited, and gets old quickly.

Virtually all sword fighting games seem to lack any skill or opportunity to develop your own style like old beat em ups used to. Most are really dull hack/slash type affairs with no dodging/finesse.

Another thing I'd like to throw in would be some kind of temporary rag doll state for when someone is reeling from a blow, but I haven't got that worked out fully yet.

Just want to hear your thoughts!

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