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Pixel Art Online RPG Arena Needs a 2D Artist!

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We are currently a full team of 9 people. 2 pixel artists, 2 programmers, 2 Sound engineers, 2 voice actors and a writer. We are in need for a 2D artist, who has exceptional drawing skills! We have several tasks that need to be completed including:

- Draw a company logo

- Draw needed 2D art for the game

- Draw several images for the website

- Maybe draw concepts for the game

Our game is a fantasy / medieval arena game. So, no grenades or guns but more like swords and cannons. Here are some examples of the game. We are currently far in the development and have the whole idea and Game Design Document sketched out.


Contact me on Discord for more information. This is a serious project and we expect to finish within 1-2 months! We will be happy to hear from you.

Discord: Nafei#9413
Best Regards,

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