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    • By Nick Poss
      My name is Nick Poss and I'm a professional Composer/Sound Designer.  I have experience writing in almost every genre of music, well..except zydeco, but if your making a cajun themed game I would be excited to try my hand at it :).  Anyways, here is some of my recent work https://www.nickposssounds.com/work, and here is a link to some more pieces I've written for sound libraries over the years https://artlist.io/?search=nick-poss.
      On the Sound Design side, I have some experience with Unity and I'm really interested in getting more experience creating audio assets outside of music (foley sound, environmental textures, etc.) and implementing them in games.  
      If you have any questions or would like more genre specific examples of my work shoot me a message.
    • By Chris Adds
      Hello developers,
      We're a couple of techno/gaming/gaming-techno enthusiasts that want to offer our services for free for any developers who could use us. 
      Have a listen on our soundcloud "soundcloud.com/tradingcash," a lot of our older stuff is in the process of being remastered, but we've learnt a lot since we uploaded the songs.
      Do bear in mind that our music style might not be for all, but if your project could use a bit of experimental techno/synthwave then please get in touch.
      Our ONE AND ONLY condition is that you give our band a soundtracking credit, even if we're crammed in the small print next to the T&Cs we'll be happy chappies.
      Look forward to hearing from some of you, hopefully,
    • By antoniorv6
      Hi there!
      Well, as the subject describes itself. I would like to start in videogame music and composition.
      I do know some Music Theory and have some notions on how to play the piano, and also in my Degree we have some subjects refered to Sound and Music, but I would like to go a little bit deeper.
      Anyway, I'd like to know if it there is any site, course, or bibliography refered to all of this, even if it starts from the basic of the basics. Also would be interesting if it is there any good reference to study all the software related to the theme.
      It would be great if anyone could give me some advice, because now I am a little bit lost.
      Thank you!
    • By nihitori
      This is the official Sales topic for the acclaimed Colossal Game Music Collection (100+ five-star ratings on the Unity Asset Store) and its Lite version, the Essential Game Music Collection.

      Updates will be made here every time a sale is taking place on either the Unity Asset Store or the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

      Current Sales:

      Spring Sale on the Unreal Engine Marketplace -

      - Colossal Game Music Collection at 60% OFF - https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/colossal-game-music-collection
      - Essential Game Music Collection at 50% OFF - https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/essential-game-music-collection

      Please feel free to post here any questions you might have about either the sales or the collection itself.
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Mixing Orchestral and 8 bit music, Composer

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Hello, my name is Remi and I am a Music Composer, Classical Pianist, Drummer and Sound engineer.

I have a passion for mixing Old School Sounds with Modern Sounds (for example 8bit with an Orchestra and a Hip Hop Beat).

Have a look at my SoundCloud : 

I am looking for a team to join on a new game. 

I know how to use Wwise (middleware to implement sound in Video Games), and am currently learning integration through Unity.

 I hope you enjoy listening to my tracks and thank you for reading this post!

Email: composeremi@gmail.com 

Feel free to contact me


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