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Remi Agullo

Mixing Orchestral and 8 bit music, Composer

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Hello, my name is Remi and I am a Music Composer, Classical Pianist, Drummer and Sound engineer.

I have a passion for mixing Old School Sounds with Modern Sounds (for example 8bit with an Orchestra and a Hip Hop Beat).

Have a look at my SoundCloud : 

I am looking for a team to join on a new game. 

I know how to use Wwise (middleware to implement sound in Video Games), and am currently learning integration through Unity.

 I hope you enjoy listening to my tracks and thank you for reading this post!

Email: composeremi@gmail.com 

Feel free to contact me


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      **The game must be in the final stages of development and be close to release. Willing to do SFX or Music for free since Horror games heavily interest me.**
      Hey there! My name is Cpaws and I compose music, sound effects and overall sound design for video games and film. I've worked on numerous games and I'm looking to specifically pick up a Horror game.
      If you're interested in working together, don't hesitate to contact me at cpawsmusic@gmail.com
      Here's a few demo reels of my past projects: 
      Game Music I've Composed: https://soundcloud.com/cpawsmusic/sets/cpaws-video-game-film-music
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      Hello, I'm new to OpenAL and audio programming in general so I might not explain everything clearly, but bear with me.
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      1) While one turret is shooting the volume of the shot is low, but when dozens of them are shooting the sounds seem to add up and make everything too loud. Is there a way I can fix this?
      2) When there are many turrets shooting, the music becomes quiet. And when they stop shooting I can hear the music gradually up in volume. Does OpenAL use some sort of compression? If so, how can I tweak it?
      I tried making it so that there would be a max number of shot sounds at any given time, but sometimes you can see a turret shooting and it doesn't make any noise, which looks weird. 
    • By JandersonComp
      My name is Jonathan Anderson. I am a professional composer with multiple publications. I have a degree in music composition from the University of North Texas and I have been writing music for over 20 years. If you would like a list of my accomplishments I would be more than happy to email you my resume.
      More to the point. This is my demo reel.
      Character Themes - 
      Final Fantasy Style Piano Solo - 
      Chiptune - 

      While my demos advertise a significantly large range of composition styles it does not encompass my entire range.

      I have been working with people in both professional and personal settings for over 14 years now and am extremely easy to work with. I believe that music in many ways can make or break a game and it is my goal to provide your game with the musical life that you desire and it deserves.
      If you are interested in using my services you can contact me via email at jm.thedora.anderson@gmail.com
      Discord J.Anderson#0571

      Thank you for your interest!

    • By DragonPanda
      Hello there, I am soon going to post a link to my new and first project. I made it using RPG Maker VX Ace. I did this all by myself, using scripts from Yanfly. Once I get the Alpha up and get some feedback, then My good friend will help me clean it up a bit. The game is inspired by Final Fantasy of course. You start as a Death Knight that you get to name. The Demon God has awoken after many years and you must make it to his almost never ending tower while going through each town and area trying to find the other chosen warriors. There will be some secret characters for you to find. Also once i post the Alpha it will end once you get to the third city. It took me about a little under an hour to get through it. I am hoping to put it up either this coming Sunday or Monday. Also this is my first time posting on here and my first game that I am creating.  So i do hope I am posting in the right area. If I am not please someone tell me. If I am then once my friend gets done testing it I will be posting a link in this thread to the download link. I really hope everyone will share this game if they like it. I put a ton of effort into this, trying to make everything perfect as possible. So please give me your honest feedback and criticism. Look forward to the game like I said either this coming Sunday or Monday. 
      Edit:: So today is the day that I am going to post the link to the Alpha version of my game. I really do hope you will give me some honest feedback. I am still improving it at the moment. So some stuff I have already fixed bt not all of it, so please tell me anything you see that i need to fix. Also I think i wrote about this above, but I shall say it again. There are, as of right now, two secret characters in the Alpha that you can put on your team to make it a full 5 member party. I know i may not be the most original person, but I am trying my best with what little imagination I have. Here is the link. I hope you enjoy it..Demon God's Tower Alpha Version
    • By Alex Keogh
      Hey guys,
      I am a composer from Sydney, Australia, currently based in Munich, Germany.
      I've composed for short films, theatre and various other projects and am looking to expand my portfolio and write and adapt more of my music to games. I'm very passionate about your medium and would be thrilled to collaborate.
      Below are some of my compositions. I suppose I favour a more orchestral style, however, electronic, gritty or atmospheric would also suit. Open to many areas, really.
      Would love to hear from any developers who believe my music can fit into their creation!
      Rates would depend on the project and should be negotiated.
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